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Litter Pickup and Our Observations

Thanks to our lovely group of litter walk volunteers who helped remove a significant volume of trash from our neighborhood streets this morning.

Volunteers with their haul!

Volunteers with their haul!

Today we concentrated on the area around Oakland International High School.  Since their joining the neighborhood in 2007 OIHS have been good neighbors.  In 2013 the students partnered with neighbors to develop the Webster Street Garden Project which helped brighten and beautify the corner of 45th and Webster.

We were surprised and saddened to see so much litter around the school. There was a noticeable increase  in the volume of McDonalds litter, particularly along 45th Street. We’re hoping this is a temporary issue as McDonalds does have a litter control plan in place with the City of Oakland.

Another troubling situation is developing at the MacArthur BART station where trash and debris are piling up along 40th Street. We spent a significant amount of energy over there a bit ago and will drop by again soon. Please lend a hand in our cleanup but please also contact BART and let them know we can use their help.

See you next Sunday morning at 9am on the corner of 43rd and Shafter! In the meantime, let’s Keep Temescal Clean & Beautiful!

Cleaning up the streets (and hopefully the broken bus benches)

We had a great crew this morning. Our route took us from 43rd and Shafter, down to 41st to Broadway and back up 40th to Shafter.

A little rain didn't stop these folks from pitching in to Keep Temescal Clean & Beautiful

A little rain didn’t stop these folks from pitching in to Keep Temescal Clean & Beautiful

Had an opportunity to stop by the broken bus benches on the corner of 40th and Shafter — an issue we first brought to the city’s attention on August 22, 2012!


Unfortunately, after all this time, they’re still broken and attracting graffiti, weeds, and lots of litter and debris.

volunteer cleanup

Starting the Year off Right!

Our weekly litter pickup efforts have been going full-swing this year. Every Sunday morning we head out for an hour to help rid our streets of litter.  Join us this Sunday at 9am on the corner of 43rd and Shafter for an hour. You’ll be glad you did!

KTCB - Volunteers - 20140112

Special thanks to city councilmember Dan Kalb for pitching in to help Keep Temescal Clean! Temescal appreciates your service to our community!

A Satisfying Morning

40th Street at Telegraph is one of the gateways into the Temescal neighborhood and for far too long trash and debris have been allowed to accumulate.

40th Street Litter

Trash along 40th Street

Well that’s no longer the case thanks to a half dozen generous folks who braved the cold weather this morning to help rid this section of our neighborhood of litter! Thank you for your efforts and for caring about the neighborhood.

Volunteers admire their haul

Volunteers with their litter haul

You too can join the movement to Keep Temescal Clean. Join the team at 43rd and Shafter on Sunday morning at 9am. Tools and bags are provided.

Keep Temescal Clean Litter Walk

Want to get to know your neighbors and do something good for the neighborhood at the same time? Join us for a 1 hour litter pickup walk this Sunday at 9am. Litter removal equipment (kids tools available too!) and bags will be provided so you’ll just need to bring your positive neighborhood vibe.

Where: 43rd at Shafter Street
When: Every Sunday from 9am – 10am
Who: You!
Why: Because nobody wants to live in and around garbage

In the spirit of spreading the litter pickup effort around the neighborhood, all participants will get to keep their litter removal tongs and we’ll throw in a few extra bags; the idea being you’ll pick up a little trash around your place as it blows in.